Hello from Connecticut

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Steve Morley
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Hello from Connecticut

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I learned woodworking from my Dad, and just made "stuff" when I needed it until recently. Last fall, I bought a cheap Strat copy to practice my fret work on, and then ended up buying a nice, but blemished, body from AllParts when the bridge posts collapsed. Now I've been infected with guitar building, and just router planed some old chestnut for a Tele.

I've never worked on an acoustic instrument, but I'm curious about them, too.

My first work was on a mid-60's Gibson Melody Maker in the mid-70's, so I've been futzing around for a while.

Can anyone suggest a photo-sharing site? I've had problems with Imgur, and it seems that many posts on other forums that used Photobucket no longer can display the photos.

It's nice to be here.

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Mark Swanson
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Re: Hello from Connecticut

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Welcome to the MIMForum Steve! You'll love guitar building. You can post photos right here, Use the "Full Editor" and you'll see it. Things will become easy to you once you get comfortable here!
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