Greetings from Pittsburgh.

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Brian Wilson
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Greetings from Pittsburgh.

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Hello all,
For the past three years I have been playing and have become very interested in the art of guitar/amp design. earlier this year I completed my first 5F1 build and currently building a Lectrolab/Silvertone 5 watt circuit. it's all good and fun, but, lets talk guitar building.
being a lefty has it's drawbacks in the guitar world. the independent shops may have one or two guitars hanging on the wall and the franchise shops are really expensive. Rondo has a pretty big selection but the quality falls short. I have purchased two guitars from Rondo in the past, one LP copy and a Tele design, both needing immediate upgrades to improve playability and reliability. while working on my current guitar, a Squier Tele, the thought hit me: "why not build from scratch?" ok, lets go for it.

my goal is to start and complete two guitars that I have wanted for a while. an esquire and LP Jr. my first project is the esquire. I'll slide over to the other forum and start my build thread witch is already underway. I hope to gain a little knowledge, guidance and inspiration from everyone contributing here.
thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing my experience.

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Jim McConkey
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Re: Greetings from Pittsburgh.

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Welcome to the MIMF, Brian!
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