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Hans Bezemer intro

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In daily life I'm a science teacher and parttime amateur guitar player / builder.
I've been playing guitar since I was ten years old, and when I was around 18 I saw Charlie Hunter play an 8 string guitar. From that point on I've been interested and experimenting with different tunings and extended range guitars. One of the big reasons is that I like the sound of an (electric) guitar, but like to get away from the guitarplaying cliches.
When I studied jazz-guitar at the conservatory I experimented with an all fourths tuning, but I didn't like the sound of the open strings when strung. After going back and forth to different tunings I ended up with an all fifths tuning. I like this tuning a lot because of it's symmetry and because this tuning gives a nice sound when strung open.
I've started building guitars in 2008 because I wanted to try different stringlenghts and number of strings, but couldn't afford to let several guitars being build.
I therefore try to use as much commonly available material, to get a good quality, fine sounding guitar for a fair price.
Although I'm just building guitars for my personal use and I'm a true amateur, I really love doing it.

I find this forum a great source of very valuable information. It's great to get so much feedback from very skilled luthiers!

Hans Bezemer

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