Intro: The Biginning

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Intro: The Biginning

Postby Graeme Ward » Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:42 am

Hi all,
My name is Graeme "Budgie" Ward, I'm 66yo, a boilermaker by trade and I have never built anything out of wood before, except maybe a billy-cart when I was a lot younger.
I am going to build my wife a Gibson style ES-339 or CS-336, I have ordered plans for the CS-336 from Guitar Plans Unlimited, where I was recommended to this forum, and after browsing the site I definitely think it is for me.
I have read through the New Builders miniFAQ and after the first question I am thinking that maybe I should start on a ukulele instead, but I have already psyched myself up for this build. I maybe setting myself up for disappointment but I think if I don't set myself the very highest goals like "it's perfect or nothing" rather than "It'll do - Good enough" then I don't think I will get a good result in the end. Oh yea, I am going to get some help from someone that has built some arch-top jazz guitars before, but in the meantime I am going to buy the parts that I will need and that is why I am here to ask questions as to the best way for me to achieve what I am trying to get out of my build.

Well I'll catch ya 'round the site somewhere
Have a great day

Budgie (Graeme)
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Graeme Ward
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Re: Intro: The Biginning

Postby Mark Swanson » Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:12 am

Welcome to the MIMForum Graeme! Best of luck, you'll get a lot of help here.
    Mark Swanson, guitarist, MIMForum Staff
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Mark Swanson
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