My second build, my own design

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Jeff Pierce
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My second build, my own design

Post by Jeff Pierce »

My daughter asked me to build her a guitar and gave me a wish list of features. I ended up creating my own design, though much of it was strat based.

It has a spalted maple semi-hollow body, carved out from the back, with a mahogany back panel, maple neck and ebony fretboard. I used lipstick pickups and a standard strat control/wiring setup.

One person I showed pictures to politely implied that he finds it ugly, but my daughter loves both the look and the sound, so I call that a win.

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Steve Sawyer
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Re: My second build, my own design

Post by Steve Sawyer »

"Ugly"? No - not ugly at all. Impressively different is the absolute worst I could muster! It took me until my third build to not slavishly copy an existing design, and even then I just kinda put a toe over the line. I'd love to see that in person. The wood is beautiful and it's nicely proportioned. I think it looks great. I'd be proud to have that hanging in the ol' guitar rack!!

And, if the "client" likes it - yeah, that's a big win!!

Bob Orr
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Re: My second build, my own design

Post by Bob Orr »

Ugly? some people have no taste and should be ignored ! I love it!

Jared Burrows
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Re: My second build, my own design

Post by Jared Burrows »

It is very different in the best possible way. Looks ergonomically comfy too. I think you have a very refined aesthetic sense.

Eugene Coldrick
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Re: My second build, my own design

Post by Eugene Coldrick »

I absolutely love that guitar body. It's beautiful.

Maclean Forquer
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Re: My second build, my own design

Post by Maclean Forquer »

That is epic. Second build? Shee it.

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