And you folks thought I was just joshin'...

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And you folks thought I was just joshin'...

Postby Steve Sawyer » Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:14 pm

Haven't been around much the past couple of months. Walked out of the office for the last time on December 16th, and have been heads-down getting the shop remodeling project finished and getting everything sorted out and re-organized now that I have a place for everything and have the luxury of putting everything in it's place. Marcy has been teasing me that I haven't taken a day off since I retired!! :lol:

When at work I was sitting at a computer all day long, so it was easy to keep tabs on what was happening on the forums I follow (including this one), and I'm going to try to get a little more conscientious about keeping up. I've learned so much from the fine folks around here that I like to offer my $0.02 when I can.

Anyway, while I still have a couple of small projects (a stand for my lathe and a new router table extension for the table saw), I was able to pull the Telecaster out of the boxes I had it stored in and got back to work today.

Managed to cut the slot for the nut without screwing it up, and am ready to drill the holes to attach the neck. I'm going to use threaded inserts so I want to make sure that the screw holes are perfectly aligned, hence the rig in the pic below showing everything ready to drill.

So see, I wasn't just blowin' smoke about this project!! :D



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