Spitfire Bass

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Murray Kuun
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Spitfire Bass

Post by Murray Kuun »

Something I designed recently, an extension of my spitfire archtop.
Semi acoustic with K and K pups.
Copy of spit bass.jpg

Dave Higham
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Re: Spitfire Bass

Post by Dave Higham »

Wow! More information please Murray.
As someone who worked for a top industrial designer (David Mellor) for 20 years, I'm always impressed by your creations.

Greg Carter
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Re: Spitfire Bass

Post by Greg Carter »

That is stunning!

You tease us. More (much more) information, please! Any shots of the interior? That treble-side lower bout is a jaw-dropper. Any information on bracing that (inside shots, narrative, etc.) ?



Jason Rodgers
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Re: Spitfire Bass

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"Damn you, words! You have failed me again!" he said as he pounded his fists in the air.
-Ruining perfectly good wood, one day at a time.

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