Lalli's Axe Strat

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Warren May
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Re: Lalli's Axe Strat

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As Mark says, rasps work and may be a little less messy but the whole neck shaving thing seems to be a little messy no matter how you slice it (or sand it). Well, maybe slicing on a bandsaw to get primary facets is a little less messy. I saw a video on youtube where the guy uses a body grinder to shape necks and bodies and he's pretty good with it. I use one for carved tops and you can get pretty accurate with it once you develop a feel for it. I use an 80 grit disk followed by a random orbit sander and it's fast work and really pretty accurate as long as you keep checking with a strong light. Messy but fast...probably cancels each other out due to the time of clean up. The last neck I did a few weeks ago, I used my spindle sander to first shape the peghead and heel ends of the (mahogany) shaft to roughly their dimensions and then finished by marking primary facets and "carving" these with the spindle sander. It was the least messy of anything I've tried since the dust collector takes much of the dust away as you sand. I really like controlling the action with marking for facets. Makes sense to me as a mathematician...squaring the circle.

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Mark Swanson
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Re: Lalli's Axe Strat

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Sure, a rasp still makes a mess but it isn't that fine dust that flies everywhere. It doesn't get airborne like the dust will.
I like to use my bandsaw to cut facets on the neck shaft, then a little rasp work and I'm there.
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Re: Lalli's Axe Strat

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Thank you for your kind comments, gentlemen. Mark, I have tried rasps and do use them sometimes. I'm more used to sanding things to shape than rasping them, but there's really not a reason why I couldn't give the rasps another try. Sanding does produce a lot of dust and some of it gets spread around, even if I have my dust collector roaring beside me.

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