New Baritone Build Completed

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Pete Halliday
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New Baritone Build Completed

Post by Pete Halliday »

Here's a 28 5/8" scale baritone version of my Haggerty model. It's a poplar body with torrefied maple neck and Richlite fretboard, EP Custom Pickups hand-wired JM-style pickups, and most importantly was hand-painted by my daughter.




Darrel Friesen
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Re: New Baritone Build Completed

Post by Darrel Friesen »

Looks great Pete! Nice paint job too. I'm thinking Brad Paisley would love this guitar. Groan :)

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Bryan Bear
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Re: New Baritone Build Completed

Post by Bryan Bear »

There is a lot of neat stuff here but I'm sure the paint job is the most special to you!

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Karl Wicklund
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Re: New Baritone Build Completed

Post by Karl Wicklund »

I agree - that is a wonderfully playful paint job. Something about it being a baritone adds to the mix.

Also, I spent as much time looking at your tool wall as I did looking at the guitar.
Kaptain Karl

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Frank Dryer III
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Re: New Baritone Build Completed

Post by Frank Dryer III »

That's amazing!!!! Will you upload some video or audio files as example of how it sounds? I'm very curious!
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Phil Donovan
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Re: New Baritone Build Completed

Post by Phil Donovan »

That looks awesome Pete.

And inspiring because I"m right in the middle of a Baritone build right now, and getting to the point where I should probably seek some guidance from a few of those that have much more experience than I.

Mine is also a 28 5/8ths scale. I need to look at how folks are best preparing and gluing the fingerboards to the neck base. Looks like something best done right the first time!

Nice work there Pete and love the finish design.


Phil D

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