Curly Mango Boards

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Steve Gonwa
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Curly Mango Boards

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I managed to have some curly koa and mango boards shipped home from my visits to Hawaii some 25 years ago. I pulled these boards from my stash recently and was wondering if they may be suitable for resawing into guitar back and sides.

I attached a couple of images. One board seems to have edge grain perpendicular to the face, but not being an expert on mango wood, I'm not sure what I'm seeing means that it's quartersawn. Any thoughts ?

Mango Board 1 Side.jpg
Mango Board 1 Side.jpg (43.09 KiB) Viewed 1363 times
Mango Board 2.jpg
Mango Board 1 Edge.jpg

Simon Magennis
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Re: Curly Mango Boards

Post by Simon Magennis »

I know nothing about resawing. However both Koa and mango make good instruments. A well known German build of the older generation told me that he had picked up both Koa nad Mango when in Hawaii and liked both.

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