Question about saddle placement

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Keith Graydon
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Question about saddle placement

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I am making a "Saddlematic" type tool as described in the Stewart McDonald catalog and am looking for clarification on one feature. The directions show the indicator "points" offset by ~.125" from the guide block so set/mark compensation position for the saddle slot. My question then is this: Is the Compensation distance of +.125 (low E) as measured from High E to Low E? The pin offset would of course change for different string spacing. Although the angle of the saddle would be virtually constant. So, Is .125 correct for a string spacing of 2.125 inches? see attached image.

John Hall
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Re: Question about saddle placement

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the angle of compensation is about 3 degrees. The .125 offset will get you pretty close. Then you can compensate the saddle . When setting a bridge the saddle is the point we use to locate. The compensation length for the working length of the string and the Compensation angle are used to get the intonation dialed in. The Compensation length is not static and will change per string diameter thus the compensation angle .
John Hall

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