3 vihuelas I've built recently

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Jo Dusepo
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3 vihuelas I've built recently

Post by Jo Dusepo »

Here are 3 vihuelas (aka vihuela de mano, viola da mano) of 2 different designs which I've built this year so far for customers. For those unfamiliar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vihuela

I specialise in historical & world instruments.

Clay Schaeffer
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Re: 3 vihuelas I've built recently

Post by Clay Schaeffer »

Nice looking instruments.
The article you linked suggested that the vihuela was a Spanish creation to provide a more robust form of lute. I had never seen that before. That it had lute stringing and tuning is also interesting. It is somewhat surprising that the guitar developed from a different lineage but during the late Baroque period adopted a very similar shape and tuning and tablature.

Ken Nagy
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Re: 3 vihuelas I've built recently

Post by Ken Nagy »

Those came out nice! Does that rose get any easier if you make three of them?

I'm almost ready for finish on my baroque guitar and haven't bought strings yet. The only place I've found that has guts with no windings is Gamut. If I get those, what happens if he retires? Even nylon sets have windings. Why? A 1.2 mms gut would be fine for a low A (C on the small one I'm making).

Do you use guts or nylon? Wound of unwound? Supplier?

Graham Bartlett
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Re: 3 vihuelas I've built recently

Post by Graham Bartlett »

Nice instruments! And long time no see, Jo - hope you're doing well?

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