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MIMF Advertising Rates

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A sponsorship banner ad on the MIMForum. These are large banner ads (468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, 12k or less, GIF or JPEG format only). You should only purchase a banner ad on the MIMForum proper if you sell products and/or services of interest to the instrument making community, and you have a website. The prices below reflect different traffic volumes in the specific sections. Your banner will appear at the top of every forum page in the section you sponsor. As pages on the MIMForum are dynamic and change whenever a new message is posted, participants checking in to read new messages get repeated exposure to your business or product. We allow up to four sponsors to share one banner "slot" if there is sufficient demand, using a rotating banner ad program, with no change in price. We also show up to three banners per page. You should figure into your budget not only the cost of having a banner created (not by us!), but of changing your banner regularly to announce new products and to renew interest in your old ones. You cannot treat an ad on an interactive website the same way you do in a print publication (place it, then forget about it) if you want to take full advantage of the interactive nature of our forum and create sustained interest in your products.
  • Sponsor the entire MIMForum for $550/quarter, or $1,870/year, which will put your banner ad or logo at the top of every page of the MIMForum, as well as on our homepage and links pages.
  • Sponsor all three guitar sections ("Flat-Top Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars," "Solid-Body and Chambered or Semi-Solid Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars," and "Archtop Guitars and Bass Guitars") for a discounted price of $475/quarter or $1,615/year.
  • Sponsor the "Flat-Top Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars," or "Solid-Body and Chambered or Semi-Solid Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars" sections for $250/quarter, or $850/year (per section).
  • Sponsor the "String Instrument Repair," "Electronics," "Tools," "Glues and Finishes," "Wood Q&A," or "Jam Session" sections for $200/quarter, or $680/year (per section).
  • Sponsor the "Archtop Guitars and Bass Guitars," "Bowed Stringed Instruments and Bows," or "Other Stringed Instruments," sections for $150/quarter or $510/year (per section).
  • Sponsor the "Wind Instruments," section for $100/quarter, or $340/year.
  • Sponsor the "Percussion and Miscellaneous and Experimental Musical Instruments" section for $75/quarter, or $255/year.

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