Happy 21st birthday to the MIMF

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Charlie Schultz
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Happy 21st birthday to the MIMF

Post by Charlie Schultz »

Hi all,
The forum is 21 years old today!

We're still going strong thanks to all the participation of our members, as well as your donations. Also thanks to LMII'S sponsorship.

In a separate post, we'll have a giveaway for a couple LMII gift certificates, be sure to check it out!


John Mueller
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Re: Happy 21st birthday to the MIMF

Post by John Mueller »

Thanks for all you do Charlie. Been doing a lot of lurking here, it seems that almost every time I post a reply the thread dies so lurking keeps the them active? ;)

Greg Martin
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Re: Happy 21st birthday to the MIMF

Post by Greg Martin »

Over the years the mimf has been a wonderful resource.thanks to all who have helped keep it running. Thanks

Bob Yarbray
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Re: Happy 21st birthday to the MIMF

Post by Bob Yarbray »

Hi and Thanks for being here. I stumbled onto the site by way of a search for who-knows-what. I'm about to start my first set-neck build, so I'll visit the site often, I'm sure. I've been a woodworker for 20 years, but have only built things to give away to friends and family. The only real guitar I've built was a Warmoth body blank that I cut into my own shape design and put on a finish. It's a little crude but I love it. This time I want to make a nice guitar, from cutting all the wood, to building the neck and doing the fret work. I'll most likely have lots of questions. I'm sorry if I'm posting this introduction in the wrong place....I'm a noob.

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