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Frets on the net

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:09 pm
by Greg Martin
I needed to buy custom pickup surrounds,converting the stock 70s epiphone crestwood rings from a full sized humbucker to firebird mini buckers. I had problems with 2 of the main manufactures of wooden trim rings.after paying in full i waited 3 months only to hear he hadnt even started them ,even though he had told me otherwise .i wont name them .im not here to slam them .
I will say that the guys a Frets on the net have got it together.i did have to pay in full,ahead of time but using paypal buyers are protected. after sending specs and getting verification. I got my maple rings in 15 days.Just like they said. This is a big deal. Some one whos word is golden !! I will go back,as he not only does wood trim rings but engraving as well.