Moving Shops - any suggestions?

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Derek Lenard
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Moving Shops - any suggestions?

Post by Derek Lenard »

So I am moving from Chicago to Nashville and trying to figure out the best way to pack up the shop, mainly my woods.

I have a decent amount already packed in boxes but struggling with that last bit.

Any one have any suggestions? Do I keep going into boxes? Do I wrap the wood separately?

Tools and jigs are going into boxes. Stains and Dyes are being taken by my father for me to take down later.

Any best practices for moving?

Simon Magennis
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Re: Moving Shops - any suggestions?

Post by Simon Magennis »

Derek Lenard wrote:...

Any best practices for moving?
Yes. Get someone else to do it. :lol:

Stephen Neal Saqui
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Re: Moving Shops - any suggestions?

Post by Stephen Neal Saqui »

I moved from San Diego to Idaho Rocky Mountains. Rented the biggest truck I could get. Laid my big lumber across the floor. heavy power tools on each side to balance the load. Knocked apart benches and laid them on the lumber then stacked heaviest boxes and small tools along the center. Then stacked the rest of the load based on weight getting lighter stuff up high. I also brought 200 guitars, most in cases or guitar boxes and put them up high. I also towed a cargo trailer and loaded it in the same fashion.

I liked doing it myself...and when we arrived at our new home it was easy to unload and move the truck to different places as needed.
Household furniture all in a separate truck driven by a friend.

We knew we were moving up here way in advance and would bring things up periodically into our storage unit here. That was a God-send!

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Charlie Schultz
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Re: Moving Shops - any suggestions?

Post by Charlie Schultz »

That stretchy film wrap is good for bundling odd pieces of wood together.

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