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Piano adoption site

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:08 pm
by Steve Senseney is a site that lists pianos available for free.

I have been perusing some of the piano forums on the internet.

If you are looking for a start in piano rebuilding, or want to just have one to take completely apart just to explore a piano, they are all over the United States for free.

I have seen upright Steinways, grand pianos, quite a few spinets from the 1940-1980 era (which would be on the absolute bottom of my list of choices), many of the large uprights from 1880-1920, and some player pianos all available for free.

If you are needing a few ivories to repair keytops, these pianos sometimes have good ivories.

Many are going to the dump unless someone picks them up soon.

To be a little more complete, Craigslist has lots of pianos available also, and many are listed on ebay.

I hate to see them thrown away. is a forum. Not nearly as civil as the mimf. It does have a very active group of technicians, who have a lot of experience with piano problems. They look down on DIY people sometimes, but if you need information, it is a source.