where to buy these items

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Greg Martin
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where to buy these items

Post by Greg Martin »

Im looking for graphite neck stiffing rods other than at Stew Mac. Also I need a company who can lazer pickguard material with a logo,as well as amp badges. Im in Colorado,not that it really matters. thanks greg d

Steve Senseney
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Re: where to buy these items

Post by Steve Senseney »

For graphite rod--I have used dragon plate




Be sure you read the details about size and materials. It is a little confusing about the dimensions.

I have no clue about laser engraving.

Randy Roberts
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Re: where to buy these items

Post by Randy Roberts »

Check with local trophy shops, they usually have laser engraving. I had some veneer wood done and while set up took a while for them to understand I was inserrting one object into another, it ended up working out well

JC Whitney
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Re: where to buy these items

Post by JC Whitney »

I've bought several items from smallparts.com in the past. Just checked their url, and it looks as if they've been bought by Amazon . Although they have rectangular and round CF rod stock, it appears their max length is 12". [Edit] Hmm, Dragonplate has all sorts of interesting looking goodies...

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David Schwab
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Re: where to buy these items

Post by David Schwab »

I get my CF rods from LMII.

Douglas Ketellapper
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Re: where to buy these items

Post by Douglas Ketellapper »


I also have gotten CF from dragonplate. You can also get carbon fiber tubing from Into the Wind (http://intothewind.com/), that kite place that's on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, though I don't remember seeing that stuff in their store. I just ordered it online.

Also, there's a plastics place in Denver (well Englewood actually, but close) called Plasticare (http://www.plasticareinc.com/) where I get epoxy, and I bought my fiberglass go-bars there. They have LASER services. I don't know what they charge or any other details of their LASER services, but they're someone you can contact here in Colorado.

Michael Lewis
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Re: where to buy these items

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Be aware that stiffness in CF structures is dependent on the direction the fibers are laid in and how dense they are. The manufacturers usually state what percentage of fibers go in one direction and what percentage goes another way.

There are many places on the internet to get CF material.

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