Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build

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Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build

Postby Charlie Schultz » Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:05 am

Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build


Fast becoming recognised as the book on guitar building

Extracts from R.M. Mottola’s GAL ( review of Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build by Trevor Gore and Gerard Gilet.

…I consider this book to represent a major milestone in lutherie “how to” publications, and for a variety of reasons any one of which would be sufficient to warrant that assessment…

…It is amazingly comprehensive in scope…

…The design volume presents derivations of equations of practical use to the builder. College level math is required to follow the derivations, but I urge readers not possessing this background to not dismiss this work on these grounds. If you can’t follow the derivations skip them – the end results are always simple algebraic equations (again, the authors’ focus is not theoretical but practical guitar making)…

…In addition, behind these equations you will find some of the very best and most accessible explanations of the relevant mechanics and musical instrument acoustics that I have ever seen in print…

Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build, the guitar makers’ reference.

Full review

Reader reaction

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