Spray with the neck on

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Bob Gleason
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Spray with the neck on

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Like most builders these days, I finish my necks and bodies separately. I spray nitro. There are times though, when I need to do some spraying with the neck on. As anyone knows, doing the sanding and polishing around the fretboard extension and the neck heel is extremely difficult. Getting those areas as nice as you can when doing separate spraying of the neck and body seems next to impossible. I'm interested in hearing any techniques for that. How to you sand and buff that area without it looking different than the rest of the finish? I've seen some finishes from pros who have done a great finish , even with the neck on, so I know it's possible. Thanks, Bob

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Barry Daniels
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Re: Spray with the neck on

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I recently had to sand and polish a guitar top on an Alvarez that had its bridge and fingerboard intact. I used Micro Mesh Soft Touch pads by hand right up next to the inside corners, as well as all over the top. I was going for a semi-gloss finish so it wasn't a challenging as a gloss, but it still worked out pretty good compared to my previous attempts at this. I think one key is whatever you use in the corners should be the same thing used in the open areas. Otherwise it will never look the same.

I used the pads with soapy water.

https://www.amazon.com/Sanding-Stopper- ... B000H6EC4C
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Chuck Tweedy
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Re: Spray with the neck on

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Hey Bob, Hey Barry.
I recently completed a Spanish style build so had to finish around the heel (PITA!)
I used THIS stuff and it worked great dry.
Stew Mac also sells it.
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