Lacquer not melting to previous coat

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Lacquer not melting to previous coat

Postby Jim Burton » Fri May 17, 2019 9:38 am

Hi All,
I've used Behlen nitro cellulose lacquer on about the last 20+ builds but on the two currently in the shop I tried Cardinal Lacquer which is new to me. After a two week cure time I followed my normal wet sanding, buffing procedure and found a few areas that could use a drop-fill or touch up spray in a few areas. All normal so far. In the past I've added a little retarder and thinner to the Behlen lacquer and my coat tied to the previous build with no problems. I followed the same procedure with the Cardinal but after wet sanding and buffing if you look in raking light you can see the feather edge on the added on lacquer to the original body lacquer. They did not melt together as expected.

Has anyone experienced this problem and is there a solution? More retarder next time after removal of these spot sprays?
Jim Burton
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