Translucent white stain

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Translucent white stain

Postby Ian Day » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:53 am

Hi all,

Can anybody tell me if there is such a thing as a translucent white stain that when applied will show the underlying grain pattern? I am currently building a bass with this type of finish in mind.

Ian Day
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Re: Translucent white stain

Postby Alan Carruth » Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:19 pm

I once used gesso color to do a white 'burst on a Tele clone. The customer wanted an antiqued one that looked like the '52 he had. I started with shellac that had been dyed to match the 'butterscotch' color of old lacquer. Once I had a decent coat built up I started to wipe the white pigment in thin layers onto the tacky shellac, or applying it with a pad and some shellac, depending on what worked better. When things had set up a bit I'd pad on more shellac and repeat. When it was all nice and shiny I stuck it in the freezer overnight to get it to craze, wiped on some dark brown dye to bring that up, and then antiqued it. He tells people it's a '53 and they believe him, since they can't see the 'Warmouth' brand in the neck pocket.

I'd check out a local art supply store (if you can still find one!) and see what they have.
Alan Carruth
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Re: Translucent white stain

Postby Brian Evans » Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:12 pm

My take on this would be an opaque pigment in lacquer mixed light, spray coats until you get the translucency you want then finish with clear coats so you can level sand and polish as normal.
Brian Evans
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Re: Translucent white stain

Postby Aaron Helt » Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:48 pm

Paint stores usually have a product called pickling stain. Lacquer based.
Aaron Helt
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Re: Translucent white stain

Postby Alan Carruth » Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:13 pm

In another thread somebody talked about going to the local paint store and begging bit of their tinting pigment. It would not take much.
Alan Carruth
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Re: Translucent white stain

Postby Charlie Schultz » Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:53 pm

Minwax makes a white pickling stain, we found it at Lowe's and Home Depot. We just finished using on our oak kitchen cabinets and it does let the grain show through. I would certainly try it on a scrap first.
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Charlie Schultz
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