Krylon compatibility with Behlan

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John E Giarrizzo
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Krylon compatibility with Behlan

Post by John E Giarrizzo »

Refinishing a solid body mini flying V

Initial finish is Krylon Metallic Purple Shimmer. The manufacturer suggests to not cover with a clear finish. It will loose it's "sparkle". It is now a sort of a matt semi-gloss finish. I would like a shiny finish.

I am considering coating with Behlan String Instrument Lacquer Gloss Brilliant B611-1406. The Krylon's solvent is Lacquer thinner, so I suspect that it will be compatible with the Behlan.

I think that I read somewhere on MIMF that someone had done just that with success.

Any thoughts on this?

Todd Stock
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Re: Krylon compatibility with Behlan

Post by Todd Stock »

Test on a sample...

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Barry Daniels
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Re: Krylon compatibility with Behlan

Post by Barry Daniels »

I would be surprised if you can top Krylon with any clear finish. Just because the paint has lacquer thinner in it does not ensure it is compatible.

But as Todd said test it on scrap. Let it cure well. Then run a cross hatch of knife marks over it with a utility knife and then stick some strong tape on it and yank it off to see if you can cause delamination. If it survives this, it might be OK.
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