water borne lacquer waiting time plus an interesting site

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Re: water borne lacquer waiting time plus an interesting site

Postby Brian Evans » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:51 am

I've used Brite-tone too, on Gordon's recommendation. It is a pre-catalyzed cross-linking finish so it cures as the catalyst kicks. It drys fast too, for recoating or sanding between coats, and takes dyes really well.

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Re: water borne lacquer waiting time plus an interesting site

Postby Jason Rodgers » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:46 pm

I've watched most of this video (about 30-some minutes left), and I really like it. It's good information that gives you a good sense of the time it takes to do a finish well, and presented quite humbly. I mean, he DROPS the guitar, and instead of starting the filming all over he tells us about it and uses the mistake as a teachable moment. He sands through in several places, showing just how easy that is (because, bloody hell, it IS), and again uses it as an opportunity to explain how to fix it. He even takes the risk to experiment with some dye to color-match a sand-through. And he does it all with a calm and mindful approach. I'm left feeling that if a veteran like Lichty can experience these pitfalls on a regular basis, I'm actually on the path to a good water-bourne finishing routine. Furthermore, I'm realizing that there are some steps that I was accomplishing fairly well, but maybe didn't have the understanding or patience to take something one small step further.

I've used General's High Performance, am going to be trying EnduroVar next, and I've gotten a strong recommendation for the Brite Tone from a friend in Minnesota. It really seems like this generation of water-based finishes has a lot of potential.
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