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Mark Wybierala
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CA prep

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Years ago, when CA was relatively new to the public, it often came in a kit with a prep solution to apply to the surface first before the application of the glue. Was this just acetone? Sometimes I need to use CA on a surface that intuitively I know isn't going to bond very well. Is there a special chemical that promotes adhesion? -- or was that stuff just acetone that would remove contaminants?

David King
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Re: CA prep

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It may have been a fast drying, basic solution to clean and promote curing, essentially what's sold as accelerator today.

Alan Carruth
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Re: CA prep

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I often rub some baking soda into surfaces that I know will be problematic, such as walnut. Sprinkle on a little bit, rub it in with a finger tip, and wipe off the excess. Enough will remain in the pores to start things rolling.

Brian Evans
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Re: CA prep

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If I want to accelerate CA, I use the baking soda in a water mixture. If I want to promote curing I just breathe on it, humidity helps. If I want to protect the surface from excess CA I coat with shellac first. The CA bonds to the shellac quite well, and shellac bonds to wood very well.

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