Random Orbit sander failure

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Fred Battershell
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Random Orbit sander failure

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I just bought a Ridgid ROS which uses the "hook & Loop"system for fastening the sanding discs to the motor pad. When the machine is turned on, it refuses to grip the sandpaper disc. I have inspected the retaining disc on the machine as well as the fuzzy-coat back on the sandpaper disc. All seems well. I am ready to ditch this machine. What am I missing??? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Bob Gramann
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Re: Random Orbit sander failure

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I have one of those. No problems (I did get a replacement bearing under warranty after a few years). Try it with another sanding disk and if it fails, take it back to the store and try another. Home Depot is really good on returns.

Mark Fogleman
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Re: Random Orbit sander failure

Post by Mark Fogleman »

I would look closer at the barbs on the interface pad. They can melt if you are heavy handed and using it for a prolonged period. I've ruined one while resurfacing a wooden deck. I've also ruined one using Abranet abrasive with it. The standard length barbs on sanders will get worn off because they are longer than that abrasive is thick and the barbs poke through the "net". You have to use one of their interfaces.

Clay Schaeffer
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Re: Random Orbit sander failure

Post by Clay Schaeffer »

You might also check the sandpaper. Hookit II discs have the hooks on the disc as opposed to regular hook and loop (hook on the pad) hook to hook doesn't work.

David King
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Re: Random Orbit sander failure

Post by David King »

As Mark indicated the hooks can wear out or melt over time. Mirka makes an intermediate pad for use with their Abranet discs that will protect the sander's pad. (Look for Mirka 9155RP 5-Inch Interface Pad, I get them in 5 packs but they last forever as far as I can tell.) You can also buy a roll of new hook material from Klingspor woodworking store if you can figure out a way to get the old hook layer off. I'd start by getting a warrantee replacement sander or pad from Home Depot first.

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