10-20 drum sander

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Dale Penrose
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10-20 drum sander

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For those who own this model and similar ones....Have you had problems with the threads stripping out on the height adjustment? The female threads. I have owned this drum sander for three and a half years, it has stripped out twice. The second time, this past week, I was told the part containing the female threads has been discontinued. Hmmmm. Filled out the warrantee form, haven't heard back as to what they plan to do. Has anyone had this resolved recently? Since I absolutely love this tool (when the height adjustment works) I had a machinist friend install a threaded brass insert in it. Works like a dream! Was wondering what will be done with my warrantee? Any insights?

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Pat Foster
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Re: 10-20 drum sander

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I have one too, though I haven't had the problem -- yet -- so I'm on the lookout too. Some years ago I ran across an article (or forum post) that outlined a fix. I think it had to do with a threaded insert to replace the stripped threads. I don't know if it was here or elsewhere, perhaps a woodworking forum, but at least there's someone's solution out there.

edit: Here's one solution on ukulele underground

https://forum.ukuleleunderground.com/sh ... 20+threads
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Clay Schaeffer
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Re: 10-20 drum sander

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"Was wondering what will be done with my warrantee? Any insights?"

Usually parts are kept until warranties expire or the company goes out of business. After that you are on your own. My truck is 27 years old. It is getting harder to find parts for it. My car is a Pontiac Solstice. The Company is out of business, so again, it is getting harder to source parts specific to that model.

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