Tools I wish I never bought

Questions about tools and jigs you want to buy/build/modify.
Mario Proulx
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Re: Tools I wish I never bought

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I had never read this thread before now.... Kinda funny.

Every. Single. Bridge., on every guitar I have built or repaired has been held down by three old wood cam clamps. Yet someone here said he regrets buying them...

I also never pass-up a Dremel at a yard/estate sale. Yeah, they're under-powered, but chuck a specialized stone or bit in one, and leave it there. Saves time, immensely saves time. Just grab the tool, do the task, and move-on.... They're not routers; they're everything else.

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Jim McConkey
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Re: Tools I wish I never bought

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And if you have a dog, they are used by many vets for trimming nails. Plenty of uses all around!
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Steve Sawyer
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Re: Tools I wish I never bought

Post by Steve Sawyer »

Bridge City Toolworks produces some beautiful tools, but like Woodpeckers, one has to ask - is this really worth the money? Although to be honest, I think Woodpeckers has "jumped the shark" more than once on some of their tools!

One tool Bridge City produces that I've long coveted is the Kerfmaker. At $60 it's a bit steep for what it does, considering it really is a stupid-simple tool. I wish Veritas would have produced this, as it would have been just as nice and maybe half to 75% of the Bridge City version.

Mark Fogleman
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Re: Tools I wish I never bought

Post by Mark Fogleman »

The PC Profile Sander and the Festool Linear Sander.

Clay Schaeffer
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Re: Tools I wish I never bought

Post by Clay Schaeffer »

I had to think awhile to remember tools I wish I never bought, but I remember at least two - both of them Bosch products. The first was a biscuit jointer that was cheaply made and didn't hold adjustments very well (I think they make a better one now) I replaced it with a Lamello. The second one was a 4X24 beltsander. I had used the old model which was fairly bullet proof, the new model was similar but had a few new features (the front handle was repositionable) I thought would be nice to have. It had a problem with the thrust washer failing and allowing the motor spindle to move and jam into the housing. I stay away from Bosch tools.
Bridge City makes some interesting looking tools, but I'm not sure I could pay $2,772.22 for a block plane. And I have to wonder about their designer's experience as a tool user. Most handplane users feel weight is an advantage in a handplane. Bridge City Tools look like they have tried to minimize the weight of their planes. It doesn't surprise me they do an initial offering and then discontinue the tool.

Matthew Lau
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Re: Tools I wish I never bought

Post by Matthew Lau »

Thanks for the posts!

Alan Duvalle
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Re: Tools I wish I never bought

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Barry Daniels
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Re: Tools I wish I never bought

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Alan, your post was totally off topic and appears to be an effort to draw traffic to a website not related to musical instruments. Please don't do this again.
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