Lining Clamps

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Bob Gramann
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Lining Clamps

Post by Bob Gramann »

I have been looking for alternatives to clothespins for clamping linings since I built my first guitar many years ago. I came across these at Home Depot yesterday. They have a good, strong clamping force. At .48 a piece, that’s $48 for a guitar-sized set of 100—much cheaper than many of the alternatives with less clamping force. Just sharing my good fortune. Enjoy.

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Bryan Bear
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Re: Lining Clamps

Post by Bryan Bear »

I use clothes pins with rubber bands wrapped around them to get more clamping force. The dollar store supplied enough of each for a couple bucks. It would sure be nifty to have 100 of those metal ones though.

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Darrel Friesen
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Re: Lining Clamps

Post by Darrel Friesen »

I'm a lot slower. I have about 30 of those metal ones and do a section or two at a time between side braces. Sauntering along without production in mind. :)

Carl Dickinson
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Re: Lining Clamps

Post by Carl Dickinson »

I've been using the small plastic clamps from HF for this. They make that process very colorful I also use them for clamping the purfling to binding before bending. They come in two sizes. I mostly use the small ones but the bigger ones are useful when you need a little more pressure. They're cheap too. But when they occasionally break, I save the parts to fix them.
He's some pics.

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