Skateboard Woods

Ask your wood and other materials questions here. Please DO NOT post pictures and ask us to identify your wood, we have found that accurate ID is nearly impossible, and such discussions will be deleted. Thanks.
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Alan Peterson
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Skateboard Woods

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The folks at the DIY skateboard supplier ROAROCKIT ( do a pretty good turn selling wide maple & birch veneers for boardmakers, but also take some pride in supplying to instrument makers as well.

Looks to me that some of their wider veneers might be appropriate in making compact Hofner-style arched creations (like their "Club" or "Beatle Bass" lines). Does anyone here have any experience with this company? And perhaps suggest alternative sources of wide (12" +) veneers?
Alan Peterson
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Bill Raymond
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Re: Skateboard Woods

Post by Bill Raymond »

Certainly wood,, often has wide sheets, also 1/24 inch thick veneers and rotary cut veneers.

Matthew Lau
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Re: Skateboard Woods

Post by Matthew Lau »

Certainly wood would work (pun intended).

I'm going to need to look up this website.
It might be a nice source of veneer for a speaker project.

David King
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Re: Skateboard Woods

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There's a place in Portland OR that specializes in bamboo veneers for Skateboard builders and anyone else.

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