What is "Advanced Spruce"?

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Alan Peterson
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What is "Advanced Spruce"?

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I saw that in a description of a violin top while perusing ultra-cheap violins on Aliexpress.com, just for giggles.

I never heard of the stuff, and Mr Google isn't much help. Anyone know?
Alan Peterson
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Mario Proulx
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Re: What is "Advanced Spruce"?

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Christ Kacoyannakis
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Re: What is "Advanced Spruce"?

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Sounds like something Google translate might come up with. Maybe they were, as Mario noted, trying to up-market the instrument, and were trying to say that it was a higher or better grade of spruce, and ran it through Google translate, and that it was came out. For fun, my daughter likes to take the lyrics from US songs, and then run them through a bunch of different versions of Google translate and then finally back around to English. You wouldn't believe the end result, and then she tries to sing them to the original tune. Hilarious!

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