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Dale Penrose
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For those that resaw their own wood, what do you do with the odd piece. It seems that whatever thickness I start with (4/4,5/4,8/4, you get the idea) I end up sawing an odd number of pieces. Does anyone have a known use for these? Besides bindings, linings and kindling? I always sem to get an odd number of boards.

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Bob Gramann
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Re: Orphans

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Every now and then, it's nice to have a spare side.

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Dan Smith
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Re: Orphans

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Head plate
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Rodger Knox
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Re: Orphans

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3 piece backs
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Bryan Bear
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Re: Orphans

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Contrasting laminations if you make laminated necks, side purflings if you make a stick to cut bindings off of, headplates and heel caps. Wooden pickguard perhaps?

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Charlie Schultz
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Re: Orphans

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Hmm, wonder if anyone would bid on a set of 4-5 unmatched back/side pieces...

Clay Schaeffer
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Re: Orphans

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Sometimes when resawing I wind up with the odd piece too thick for a side but too thin for sawing into two sides. If a suitable species it can be cut into fingerboards.

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