soapstone guitar knobs

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Jedi Clampett
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soapstone guitar knobs

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Just wondering if you have any experience with making guitar knobs out of soapstone? The design I am thinking of doing it will require me to carve it by hand. I have some chunks of soapstone.

Matthew Lau
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Re: soapstone guitar knobs

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What's your equipment?

My first thoughts are dust control is critical.
1. If I was to do it, I'd drill the holes first.
2. Epoxy brass tubes threaded for set screws/pot shaft.
3. Mask off the access holes with wax or silicone PVS
4. Shape stone on lapidary grinder. Personally, I'd use my model grinder and an impromptu jig to make the knob round.

Alternatively, buy an appropriately shhaped bead/cabachon and drill hole--convert to knob with inserts.

Alternative 2: pay someone on etsy to do it

Alternative 3: Easy way--buy ebony knob; epoxy soapstone cabachon on top. Done. Much easier.

David King
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Re: soapstone guitar knobs

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Can't you almost carve soapstone with your fingernail? My recollection is that it's very soft. I agree that breathing the dust would probably be a hazard worth avoiding.

Clay Schaeffer
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Re: soapstone guitar knobs

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When I worked as a burner we used soapstone to mark the cut line on the metal plates. Soft enough to mark the metal and held up to the heat fairly well. It seems like it would be a little fragile for guitar knobs.

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