Canary wood, cocobola, white oak... thicknesses?

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Simon Magennis
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Canary wood, cocobola, white oak... thicknesses?

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I have been buying a few sets of wood I have never used before. Any suggestions for thickness for B+S for these woods.

Cocobola: either classical or 000/00 size steel string.
Canary wood and white oak: classical.

I've also seen a set of Osage orange and was considering it for a classical. I seem to recall seeing it mentioned in the context of a fingerboard wood (Alan Carruth?) rather than as a body wood. Anyone used it for a classical or a smaller steel string?

By default I go for something in the 2.2mm to 2.4mm range for backs. Sides a bit thinner and not very worried about exact measurements - once it feels like it will bend nicely, I'm happy.



Edit: just searched for Osage orange and found a reference on Alan's site and also a nice cutaway classical here: ... index.html

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Bob Gramann
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Re: Canary wood, cocobola, white oak... thicknesses?

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I have made a few Osage Orange guitars. It's one of my favorite woods. I thin the backs until they feel right in stiffness for the size I am building. That's usually in the .090-.095 inch range. I have made a classical out of Fustic, the Argentine relative of Osage Orange and a classical sized steel string of domestic Osage Orange. Both were very successful guitars. I have also made several in larger sizes (mostly OM but one dreadnaught). Among other things, one of the neat features of the wood is the separation of the notes. You can strum a chord and hear the individual notes in the chord as it continues to sound after the strum. I just used it for a fingerboard and bridge on a jumbo guitar. It looks neat but the guitar is brand new and I have no data on how it will wear.

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