Basswood strips

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Darrell Parks
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Basswood strips

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Saw some basswood strips at a hobby shop. It appears that two pieces bent and fastened into a hoop would make a banjo body for an old time banjo. Anyone have any experience or advice on this? Steamed or moistened and wrapped around a form?

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Mark Swanson
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Re: Basswood strips

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There's a few different ways to make a banjo pot. I had one once that was made in two halves, and joined at the neck and the end pin, it was not very good. Gluing the pieces together at those points is not a strong way to do it. Have a look on the web, or here in our Archives and see how others are doing it.
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Michael Lewis
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Re: Basswood strips

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It doesn't matter what you make it from if you only want to look at it, but if you want to actually use the instrument you will need some structure to counteract the string tension. There is a reason that stout rims are the norm these days. Check with Jon Whitney for some intriguing ideas for making banjos.

Bob Menzel
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Re: Basswood strips

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What the others said, plus: Basswood likes to kink when bent.
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