Sourcing Thick Cream Plastic Binding

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Rick Kissell
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Sourcing Thick Cream Plastic Binding

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Hello all,

This is my first time posting here so I hope Im doing it right.
I work at a repair shop and have a customer with a vintage Premier Banton. The binding has just absolutely crumbled as per usual with these guys. Normally I would just use my supply but the channels are extra wide roughly 2.77mmx7.15mm. Everywhere Ive looked online to purchase some strips, they are all much thinner. I have considered some purflings to take up some of that space but customer wants all one piece.
I do not have a table saw to cut strips from a sheet so, I was hoping someone here might know a good place to purchase said material in strip form.

Thanks for your help!


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Barry Daniels
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Re: Sourcing Thick Cream Plastic Binding

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Get oversize binding from Stew-Mac and then size it down. I am fortunate to have a MacRostie Binding Trimmer which makes thinning plastic binding to a precise size very easy. If you need some extra width then just laminate two pieces together with acetone and no one will ever know. ... nding.html

By the way, welcome to the MIMF.
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Clay Schaeffer
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Re: Sourcing Thick Cream Plastic Binding

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You can check with your local cabinet shops and see if they have any cream colored 3mm PVC edgebanding or you can buy 300 ft of it from Edgeco for around $70.

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