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Active/Passive Bass Recomendations

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2021 2:50 pm
by Seth Ellis
Greetings MIMFians,

I'm making a 5-string fretless and considering wiring with a passive/active switch or push-pull pot. Do you recommend this? What products would be a good match? From reading this forum and basschat I gather that this requires passive pickups and onboard separate pre-amp that could be bypassed for passive application. Wiring is the hardest part of bass building for me--I usually focus my energies on acoustic guitars.

Beyond that active/passive idea, I want to keep it relatively simple and clean. Ideally, volume, tone, and switch. (Even simpler if tone or volume can work as push pull for active/passive). Besides having ideas, I'm inexperienced with wiring and realize an EMG plug and play setup would be easiest. But I can solder with some success, so ready to try. May experiment with $30 Amazon pickups on cardboard first. I'm unsure of how to match components for this venture.

Cheers, Seth