1960s Teisco Pickups

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John Scime
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1960s Teisco Pickups

Post by John Scime »

I am slowly restoring an old teisco Rickenbacker 330 copy similar to this one:

https://reverb.com/item/326551-vintage- ... needs-work

In addition to refretting and repainted (mine also has serious checking and flaking), I would like to replace the black plastic pickup rings with chrome rings. The pickups measure 1.25" x 2.75". I cannot find an aftermarket ring to fit this size and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to locate an after-market ring of this size.

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David King
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Re: 1960s Teisco Pickups

Post by David King »

That's a little larger than a minibucker/firebird ring. I think your best bet for a metal ring is this outfit:
https://www.fretsonthenet.com/Pickups_I ... 20page.htm
If you wanted wood or plastic rings you would have other options.

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