Miniature dynamic mic pickups out of 140-160 Ohm earplug capsules

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Miniature dynamic mic pickups out of 140-160 Ohm earplug capsules

Postby Mikheil Tsitsishvili » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:07 am


I got recently interested in building new pickup-system for my new OM acoustics. In other instruments I do have installed little ECM Oktava microphones, however due to a significant costs and cutting the new guitar's body for some on-board preamp/EQ, I would like to build a new dynamic mic-based pickup this time .....

Being not sure of those little dynamic microphones available locally, I tried and tested few high-quality earplug capsules by Sennheiser, Nokia and others ....... the results were really impressive but only with higher coil-impedance 120-160 Ohm capsules by Samsung; Sennheisers and Nokias were only of 24-32 Ohm .....

So this is how the story begun! And now, I am searching for some PRE-preamp circuit to get the <1mV sensitivity capsules boosted up to 20mV ........

Does anyone experimented with such little dynamic capsules ? Any work-horse PRE-preamp circuits available ?

Thank you for your feedback!
Samsungs _ 2 _ 140 Ohm.jpg
Samsung earplug dynamic capsule
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