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MIMF Bass II Construction

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Every project needs a good plan! We used bass plans designed and drawn by Bill Moll, available for sale from the MIMF.


Top laid out on masser birch from Gallery Hardwoods.

Head plate laid out on masser birch from Gallery Hardwoods.

Wing being shaped with spindle sander.

Wing being thinned with a Wagner Saf-T-Planer.

Wing being shaped with belt sander.

Body being cut to thickness with a bandsaw.
The body is (l-r) masser birch, maple, ebony, maple.


Neck being thinned with a Wagner Saf-T-Planer.

Out-of-this-world fretboard inlay by Dan Sharp.

Control Cavity

Forstner bits clean out most of the cavity.

Routing a ledge for the cover.

The nearly finished control cavity..

Fitting the cover plate.

Rough Assembly

The front of the rough instrument.

The back of the rough instrument.


Custom Searcy pickup being potted.

Custom Searcy pickup being removed from its mold.

Scraps laminated for pickup covers.

Custom pickups with their covers.


Jairo Eduardo Suarez Gallardo custom designed and milled a bridge out of brass.

The bridge after plating.

Chromed, polished, and ready for action!

First Notes!

Steven Ziegenfuss gives this baby its first good slap.

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