Post CITES bridge wood for classical guitars?

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Re: Post CITES bridge wood for classical guitars?

Postby Jack Stuart1 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:28 am

Ryan Mazzocco wrote:
Jack Stuart1 wrote:For choosing a wood for a guitar you need to have a thorough knowledge as different types of guitars require different type of wood. For e.g. Electric Guitars and Acoustic Guitars both will require different types of woods.
For Electric Guitars body you can use Alder, Ash, Maple, Rosewood and Korina. For Acoustic Guitars you can use and for Neck and Fingerboard you can use Maple, Bubinga and Ebony.
For Acoustic Guitars body Mahogany, Rosewood, Maple and Koa wood could be used.

That's it? seems limited... :?

For classical you can go for Sitka Spruce. It is stiffer and heavier than the rest of the spruce varieties. It can handle high pressure and intensity of steel-string guitars. I have heard sitka makes excellent classical guitars if the design matches the wood properly and if one can find a decent lightweight cut or braces lightly. For making classical guitars you can seek more info here
Jack Stuart1
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Re: Post CITES bridge wood for classical guitars?

Postby Alan Carruth » Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:33 pm

As Jack says, Sitka makes a good top wood for Classicals if you can find a low density piece: usually it's on the high side as spruces go. This is particularly important with Classicals since there is not lot of bracing on the lower bout; the top itself is most of the weight. With low density wood you can get the stiffness you need b leaving it a bit on the thick side without it becoming too heavy.
Alan Carruth
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