Gypsy #2 Underway

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Gypsy #2 Underway

Postby DJ Parker » Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:20 am

Hello All,

Just sharing a little progress with Gypsy build #2.

I have moved to using the vertical binding rabbit cutter and am happy with those results. For this guitar I purchased the binding and I really like the consistency of size. I made bindings for Gypsy #1 and they were too thin. Both purflings are shop-built as I have a lot of veneer lying around and once I figure an accurate way to consistently cut the binding I'll likely move back to that as well.

I shellac'd the top and edges this time around to cut down on glue spots and it seemed to help with the binding tape residue. I purchased the StewMac binding tape this time and what a difference. I had been using the blue painters masking tape which is ok but it just doesn't have the strength.

I experimented this time using Tight-Bond to glue one binding set and CA to glue the other. What a mess Tight-Bond can be when the binding and both purflings are separate and the tape isn't sticking and things are flopping around. I managed but it's hard to control the glue. I admit, I'm still very new at building but wow.

I really liked the control I had by using CA. I taped the binding leaving spaces to spot glue as shown in Robert O'Brian's LMI video. This will now be my method of choice especially when there are tight curves.

I can't wait to get guitar #3 underway. I think this time I'll try the traditional white/black plastic. I'm working my way towards a 1930's 000-45..the Holy Grail IMHO.

Thanks for looking,
DJ Parker
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