Side Bening Improvment Pt 2

Questions about tools and jigs you want to buy/build/modify.

Side Bening Improvment Pt 2

Postby DJ Parker » Sun May 08, 2016 6:05 pm

Ok, I'm sure everyone has seen enough of this jig but I have adjusted it a bit more to suit my needs. I have replaced the 'bungy' springlike clamps with a more rigid system. I found that I either had alot of bungy or too little and the same went for the springs when I tried them. I ended up adding bar clamps in the end anyway to tighten things up so I just removed all of that in lieu what you see here. These just swing down into place as I need them and they act like clamps. I used hex couplings that allow either end to easily un-screw and there is enough all-thread to adjust to ukes or guitars. I saw another persons using a similar way and just adjusted them for my jig.

All is well in the shop now. Thanks for indulging
DJ Parker
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