Jigs for kerfed linings

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Jigs for kerfed linings

Postby Nate Scott » Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:38 pm

I built these a few months ago to make lighter work of kerfed linings. The first is a thin-rip feather board for the TS based roughly on one sold by Rockler. There is a roller bearing that engages the wood to size the cut-off on the left side of the blade. You move the fence over after each cut. A couple improvements over the Rockler version: Added micro-adjust, reduced the clearance between the bottom of the bearing and table (so short pieces won't slip beneath), and added separate knobs for locking the cut width and for locking the jig in the miter slot (much more useable when setting up the jig or when taking it on and off as when doing bevel cuts for the lining stock).

Top view

Side view

Bottom view

I've also used it to make a bunch of binding and purfling - works great.

The second jig is for cutting equally spaced kerfs on the bandsaw. It was a little fussy to get the geometry dialed in, but it works well.

Kefing jig.jpg
Kerfing jig

Here are a couple videos of it in action:

It's adjustable for different kerf spacings. I made the rear fence tall enough to run two strips at once held together with tape but found that one strip came out a bit ragged because the bottom of the cut was unsupported. I ended up just running one at a time; I might revisit that on my next batch of linings. Another improvement would be to add a roller bearing to reduce friction where the aluminum arm rubs the tapered wood piece, or maybe just increase the taper length. Design credit for the kerfing jig goes to this fellow: http://youtu.be/xF0FLVRO0tY
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