New member and Ibanez into Les paul Jimmy Page wiring

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New member and Ibanez into Les paul Jimmy Page wiring

Postby Frank Smit » Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:16 pm

Hello all. I'm new to the forum. I am 37. Finish carpenter/custom wood crafter. I have been building electrics of all weirdnesses for a number of years now. I also recently started casting some cool parts like pickup rings etc... My main factory guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul. It has had a lot of work over the years. I have played it hard andrive abused it. She's been dropped, stolen, left in the cold, and even had her head snapped off. I finally had a professional do a REAL neck job and setup. It plays like a dream and honestly I like in now better than any Gib. I've played. Getting to my question. I recently bought a Jersey Guitar Garage Jimmy Page Les Paul wiring harness. It has 4 push pulls, so pretty full of wires. I am installing a set of Ibanez pups off a Jetking (at least for now). I stripped a jetking years ago and put those pickups in one of my first builds. Let me tell you. I was less than impressed with the Jetking, but those pickups come to life in the right assembly. My issue is, the color codes for Gib. and Ibanez are different. I have found and saved several images online of many color code charts. Most seem similar. Am I right in thinking that I can go off these and simply match up the witems that way? My harness uses Gibson, black green, red, white color scheme. Since this setup is so insane, I know one little issue will throw the entire combination of sound possibilities off. Thanks anybody for any advice.
Frank Smit
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Re: New member and Ibanez into Les paul Jimmy Page wiring

Postby David King » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:03 pm

Those color code charts are accurate. The only problem I've ever had with them is when a pickup comes in with wrong connections from the factory. I never expect any wiring project to for correctly from the get go. I always have to go back in and check my work to figure out what I got wrong the first time.
David King
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